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Serving Orlando for Over 115 Years.
More than one hundred lawyers have been associated with the firm over our history.

Over 100 Years’ Experience

Finding the right Attorney to assist you with your legal issue is not a decision to be taken lightly. You should carefully consider your options and select an Attorney that is competent, intelligent, experienced, trustworthy, and helpful.

At Giles & Robinson, P.A., you can trust that your attorney will possess all of those above mentioned qualities. The firm has been serving Orlando since 1908; over 100 year’s right here in Central Florida. You can be confident that your attorney will provide proper attention and diligence to your matter.

While some law firms are a “jack-of-all” trades and practice a little bit in many different areas of law, the vast majority of our practice focuses primarily on Estate Planning, Estate & Trust Administration (Probate), Business, and Tax law. Several of our attorneys have prior experience working for the IRS and many have advanced degrees in taxation beyond that of just a law degree. Moreover, Giles & Robinson, P.A. has drafted thousands of wills and trusts, has handled over a thousand probates all over the state of Florida, has been to court more than 100 times for trust modifications and terminations, and has assisted countless clients with business formation, planning, and administration.

Another factor that sets Giles & Robinson, P.A. apart from lots of other law firms is that you can easily reach your attorney. Our attorneys have direct lines that you as a client can pick up and call anytime. If they are at their desk and not in a meeting, our attorneys answer their phones; if they’re busy and you leave a message, your call will be returned. The advantage of this is that you get to deal directly with your attorney and avoid any excessive delays or call screening.

If you have a question or legal issue, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our attorneys. You can send your question through our contact form, call (407) 425-3591, or email helenfuller@gilesrobinson.com.

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Estate Planning
Probate & Trust Administration
Qualified Domestic Relationship Orders
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